New Address of Comfort, Prestige, and Modern Life: Nevmahal 


Nevmahal Kalkın brings a new perspective to living standards of the region. Project has an aesthetic look with modern architecture and is revolutionary with comfortable houses, large and amazing view, and innovative details...

Unique, Aesthetic, and Modern View...

Project has set a unique line that is easily distinguished from other surrounding buildings. The architecture of the building has every component for your comfort. For example, maximum window size will enable you to benefit from sunlight at full scale. Each floor is designed with transparent façade to benefit from sunlight. Additionally, differently aligned, and sized windows on the façade shows a modern view with amazing and unique aesthetic.

2+1 Type

Floor Plan

Saloon17,33 m²
Kitchen6,00 m²
Balcony2,10 m²
Entrance Hall7,00 m²
Corridor2,48 m²
M. Bedroom10,38 m²
Bedroom 6,31 m²
Bathroom4,00 m²
WC1,60 m² 
Daire Planı

Penthouse - Upper Floor

Floor Plan

Apartment Plan

​M. Bedroom14,56 m²
Bedroom8,61 m²
Bedroom8,11 m²
Bathroom4,36 m²
Corridor4,00 m²
Daire PlanıKat Planı

Penthouse - Lower Floor

Floor Plan

Apartment Plan

Saloon26,05 m²
Kitchen8,50 m²
Enntrance4,80 m²
Corridor2,00 m²
WC3,00 m²
Terrace10,70 m²
Daire PlanıKat Planı
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