Human Resources


Employees in Karkın are important. Because we are aware that the quality of our job is directly related with the people who work in that job. With this consciousness, we are working with best employees, align their ideals and vision with the company, and help them achieve the future goals.

Our human resources policies below emphasized what it means to be an employee of Karkın.


Being A Part of Karkın...

  • Having responsibilities, ethical, and vocational values.
  • Complying with change and innovation.
  • Knowing that personal and professional development is a never-ending learning process.
  • To discover differences in every business, to make innovations.
  • It is about connecting with the vision and objectives of the institution.
  • It is about researching, and becoming self-sacrificing and disciplined.
  • It is Knowing that you are part of a team and working with a strong team spirit.
  • It is having business ethics and honesty.
  • It is about respecting your colleagues, protecting the institution's reputation and focusing on company ideals.


Bilgi Talep Formu

We warrant that we will use personal information on the form within Karkın İnşaat marketing and communication activities and protect these information under Republic of Turkey, Protection of Personal Data, Law No.6698.

If you want to change data sharing options or cancel your membership, you can e-mail us at or call us from 444 7 384.

Projelerimiz hakkında daha ayrıntılı bilgi almak için hemen bilgi talep formunu doldurun, uzman ekibimiz size yardımcı olsun.