Chairman's Message




For many years we have been involved in infrastructure and superstructure activities in many different areas of the construction world. We have worked in giant projects across Turkey.

We have decided to take stronger steps toward future with the knowledge, experience, and prestige that we have achieved. We have now focused on branded housing projects to touch and impact lives of people, showcase more specific work with our experience, and to take one step forward in the sector.

This is an important and major change for our company and our vision. In the beginning we went into a restructuring with new colleagues and new solution partnerships Then we desired to provide best applications. Placing our company culture which is "quality" in the forefront; we tried to realise life-long project that will leave a mark with design and comfort.

The first milestone of our new journey was the Nev Mahal project. Our project is presented with its innovative approach to the original architecture and region with the new vision of Karkın. Otto Bella, which can be called a prestige project, is a demonstration of our attentive approach displayed by a high-ranking qualification.

Knowing that our biggest capital is being trusted, we will continue to go beyond expectation to satisfy those who prefer us as a solution partner. We will always add value to the human life with the desire to reach the better, we will try to realise the life ideas beyond our present day.

I would like to thank our employees who have a role in contributing to the achievement of Karkın with their efforts and our business partners, our customers who prefer our projects and enlarge the Karkın Family.

Love and respects...


Fatih Karkın
Board Director

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