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Always towards the better...

In 15 December 1994, construction sector has gained a new value. Leaded by Avni KARKIN, KARKIN Real Estate Investment Construction Subcontract Inc has found with the participation of other family members. Names after one of the Oghuz tribe, Karkın means overflowing and fulfilling and these have become the motto of the company. The company was never satisfied with what is present and always aim to present beyond expectations.


Involved in Huge Projects in Turkey

Karkın has ripped the fruits of the effective work and become a solution partners with the giant brands in the business world. By actively involving huge projects in Turkey, the company has gained success and experiences.


Great Transformation in Company

The results of stable expansion brought a great transformation. In 2015, Karkın focus on branded housing projects based on the experiences in the construction sector. This was the sing of a new stage and innovation towards success.


New Vision

The company aimed to developed perfectionist projects in carefully selected locations by changing the neighbourhood with comfortable and quality construction.


Branded Houses Are Becoming Real

The first example of this new vision has become Nev Mahal. The project gave the first signs that Karkın pays attention to quality, uniqueness, and quality living spaces. Karkın has moved one step forward with second project. Construction of Otto Bella which could be identified as a prestige project, has started.


Karkın is adding new qualities for live and people in addition to reputable, reliable, and trusted past. Each branded housing project is created with boutique view and shows the desire of “always towards better” and becoming a strong entity within the sector.




We work as we know our capital is providing trust.

We work hard to keep our promise to do our job with best practices.


We are innovative and embrace constant development.

Learning never ends! We are open to new ideas. Because adapting to developing world is mandatory.


We choose projects that will generate added value for life and people.

Projects that provide added value to the region and provide comfort to human life and offer a novelty are our priority.


We care about doing our job passionately.

We always believe that it is necessary to relate passionately to a company that is always targeting the best.


Quality is our most important value.

We aim to reach high quality standards in every detail of our projects and we approach sensitivity to quality issues.


We always produce better, with the desire to achieve perfection.

Every time we try to design a more challenging project, we strive to compete with ourselves and achieve excellence.


We always care for customer satisfaction.​

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we always aim to go beyond expectations.


We create project compliant with environmental, historical, and cultural texture.

We care for our project to be beneficial to the region, and respect to environment, history, and culture.




  • We aim to establish living spaces that respect the design, quality and comfort that fulfil the architectural requirements of our times with our administrative staff and technical and administrative staff.
  • We try to go beyond expectations by taking into consideration the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers.
  • We build a strong synergy in our projects by combining advanced technology, right solution partners, quality material usage, rigorous architecture and engineering services.
  • We believe that establishing trust-based relationships with our customers, our solution partners and our employees plays an important role in our success.
  • We emphasize the importance of aesthetic architectural value, and to apply them in an innovative way to our locations. We respect the nature and care about integration with the region.



We are pleased to offer quality building and facilities that provide aesthetic look and satisfaction by synthesizing 23 years of experience based on our expert human resources and customer satisfaction with product and service techniques in parallel with today's technological developments.





Our company, which operates with a customer oriented principle, has made it a principle to be a wanted brand in the Turkish market.

Being open to innovation and development,

In line with the contemporary developments, it is our duty to continuously improve the techniques we have used in our business, to obtain the highest value, to be honest, consistent, and reliable,

Incorporating current practices into the implementation plan, procedures, specifications, and work design through continuous business processes,

Ensuring that our employees continue to operate in a healthy and secure environment by adopting modern working conditions in all our offices and sites,

By adopting the principle that the staff and the workforce are one of the most important competitive advantages, we continue to work with our professional solution partners to improve the performance of our individuals and to produce successful projects that KARKIN and its customers can be proud of.

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If you want to change data sharing options or cancel your membership, you can e-mail us at info@karkin.com.tr or call us from 444 7 384.

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